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Bringing Space Exploration & the Night Sky Down to Earth

ISS Solar Transit – Dec 2018

At the end of December, I attempted to capture the International Space Station as it crossed the face the sun (aka a transit). Well, I failed. However, it was still a fun experience and I learned a little more about the ISS, it’s orbit and various tools for forecasting these events. Here’s a brief video…
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Viewing The Great American Solar Eclipse

It had been more than 30 years since the last total eclipse in the US and the eclipse in August of 2017 certainly put the USA into eclipse fever! This eclipse was named the Great American Eclipse because the path of totality was only in America. Thankfully, that path was only a few hundred miles…
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First Light for My First H-Alpha Scope

I have recently begun to do more solar observing as well as outreach activities during the day.  Additionally next year the United State will be treated to a full solar eclipse such that the path of totality will only be a several hour drive from where I live.  These factors convinced me I needed to…
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October 2014 Partial Eclipse

On Thursday October 23, 2014, most of North America was treated to a partial solar eclipse.  A partial eclipse is when the moon’s alignment between the earth and sun only blocks a portion of the sun from the view point of an observer on Earth.  For those of us along the Eastern seaboard of the…
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2014 International Sun-Day

Several Raleigh Astronomy Club members, including myself, supported the International Sun-Day events at the North of Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  At the start of the event (12 noon) the weather was not at all cooperative with almost 100% cloud cover. However holes in the clouds began to appear by 2pm and by 3pm we started to get…
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The Transit of Venus Post Script

There was quite a bit of “Venus Transit Fever” on the Internet during the few days leading up to the  transit as well as several days afterwards.  The plethora of pictures, videos and articles was quite impressive.  However there are 2 videos that stand out in my mind…. The first is a video compiled by…
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The 2012 Venus Transit

On the afternoon of June 5th, 2012 (the morning of June 6th on other parts of the planet) the black silhouette of Venus was observed crossing the face of the sun.   This passing in front of the sun is what astronomers call a transit.  The next time Venus will transit the Sun, from the…
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