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July 2018 Grazing Lunar Occultation

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July 2018 Grazing Lunar Occultation

On July 2, 2018 the star Deneb Algedi (a.k.a Delta Capricornus) was occulted by the moon. From a location in Cary, NC, this event could be viewed as a Grazing Lunar Occultation where the star would pop in and out of view due to the mountains and valleys on the limb of moon.

This event was coordinated by long time Raleigh Astronomy Club member Mark Lang. Mark and other’s scoped out the best places to observe this event. Since the timing of the grazing occultation would happen when the Moon was still fairly low in the sky, we need locations with good, low southern horizons. They selected the Cross Roads Shopping mall area in Cary, NC.

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I tried to capture video of this event as best I could with my AWO ASI385 Cooled camera connected to my Celestron CPC 1100. I used the software program SharpCap 3.0 to control the camera and capture the video. I also used my iPhone 7s+ mounted on a tripod to capture the computer monitor as well as the conversation I had with fellow Raleigh Astronomy Club member, Jim Michnow.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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